Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thou shalt not even say the word "tour" until you can grasp the numbers.

    Commandment Number Three in our ten installment series is about the fantasy that is touring...Oh and hello, i know i've been gone a while but i have been really busy. Making music is still more important than writing about it...

     First off, if you live anywhere west of the Mississippi river your fucked from the start.
The Miles you have to logue to get from one major music market to the next are just
too great.  The gas prices alone are going to destroy your bottom line. Stay in the city you live or the one closest to you until you have some major tour support.

     If you really want to strike out there is a list of things that you must know first.

1. How many miles are you logging, and how is the tour routed. You will get an estimate or your fuel costs. Forget about hotels, or a driver.

2. Will the club advertise, promote, provide backline ect.

Everything they don't provide you will, and that will cost you time and/or money. Two things a band on the road does not have any to spare.

3. Who is advancing the show. You need one person to contact the venues and press.
Street team if you have it should have flyers ready to be dispersed in each city at the right time.

4. How much merch can you carry?

5. How will we pay the rent while we are on the road????????

ok...break time...

OK some quick numbers....

Let's say you have planned a 5 day tour in California.  You'll do a show every night because your bad-ass like that.

Wednesday: Los Angeles  Play the whisky they don't charge bands too much on the weekdays. 

Thursday:  San Diego   

Friday:       Pheonix AZ

Saturday:    Laughlin NV

Sunday:     Las Vegas NV

OK so let's talk $$$

The Mileage looks like this:

THURS-125 miles


SAT- 287


TOTAL = 1033

Your renting a van to get your band and gear. I'll be generous and give you 15 mpg.

1033 divided by 15 = 68.87 x $4 a gallon...


Van rental for a week will run about $300(with mileage) if you get a cheap one from uhaul...

Close to $600 and no ones eaten yet.

So that's a lot of cd's and merchandise to sell just to not make any money.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from trying this...

Consider me like your Musical SEC i want you to be aware of the risks.


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