Monday, January 31, 2011

Five Ways To Make Money Now!

     There are many ways that you can try to make money with your music/talent but most are just distractions from what should be your focus. You need to hone in on the things you can do to slowly build a stream of passive income. These are things that you set up with minimum cost and labor and will continue to make you money while you sleep. Yes, a lot of the time the money will be small. The thing to remember is that these vehicles should be treated like Large cap Securities.


     You are looking at whether an activity will produce income for the next fifity years, not within months or weeks.  Example; You record an EP of 5 cover songs. Your upfront costs are $2000.00. Your Recuring Expenses including license fees are about 15% of Net Revenue. You may not see a profit for a few years, but you are building assets.  

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Even if you only sell downloads and can only average 100 a year.

That's .99 x 100 - 15% =  $84.15 x 5(5 songs) = $420.75

Now Extrapolate that over a lifetime. $420.75 x 50 = $21,037.50

     Granted you won't recoup your investment for four years, but look at the potential for wealth creation you have if you can repeat the process. Here are a few things you can do to make this a reality. 

1. Use Third Party Online Retail Sites:

     Cdbaby, Amazon, Ebay, Cafe Press, I-Tunes, ect; all these sites have one great advantage. They do the work for you. While you are sleeping or working on new projects they are hard at work trying to find ways to sell more content. They don't care if your a major artist.
You sell. They get paid.

2. Adsense:

You have a website right? If not stop fucking reading this and get to fucking work... Seriously, Get yourself a site. Set up an adsense account.

3. Hire Yourself Out:

Not every recording artist is talented. But you are, right? So find people that need your services. There are plenty of those artists out there who can't write, or play a certian instrument. Maybe you can... Maybe you can, for a FEE?

4. Sell Useless Gear:

This is all about priorities. What matters more that big muff distortion pedal you never use, or two hours of recording time at the local studio?

5. Mailing List/Database:

This is the biggest mistake of all. Countless times i have been contacted by some band or artists for consultation and every single time the biggest obstacle to their success is...


Go out right now and buy ACT! software and use it....pull in every contact on facebook,twitter,myspace, ect....


Here are a few releases i am featured on...check them out and comment...

Cheers JM

Midnight Reign - Never Look Back

(songs: 666 is my area code, The Mourning After, ect)

Midnight Reign: Never Look Back

Midnight reign - Heaven and Hell
(Tribiute to JM's Cousin Ronnie James DIO)

Midnight Reign: Heaven and Hell - Single

Ellipsis - Tuesday's Gone

(Lynyrd Skynyrd with a prog twist

featuring Dino P. from Vicious Fish, and

Frank Avalon Jr. [Frankie Avalon's son]

Ellipsis: Tuesday

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