Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Auto-Tune or not to Auto-Tune...

     Depending on your stance on the issue we have Cher to blame for this ubiquitous, overused, audio tool.   Personally, i believe that if you need a software program to sing in tune; you shouldn't be making a living as a singer.  

     Chiefly responsible is the industry's reliance on cheaply made "pet projects", where they groom a minor star to be the next big thing. (ie; Hillary Duff, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cirus, ect.) Instead of actually doing their jobs and scouting for talent, A&R reps just turn on the tv and pick the faces they think might sell.

     I am all in favor of a label put on all releases indicating whether or not the vocals are "real". Regardless this is a business blog so here goes.  What are the economic advantages of employing this technology?

    Christina Aguilara 2009

     To begin i feel it is my responsibility to let you know that none of the artists on HRX Records, including myself use auto-tune in their recordings.  It is inauthentic.  Here are the main reasons i could sympathise with someone using it.

1.   You are on a strict budget. The singer just cannot hack it. You have no more hours left on the clock.  Tune the Vocals, or find another singer.

2.   You are producing Dance music and just want to sound like every thing else out there... Here Auto-Tune is used as an effect. Like a flanger...Perfectly acceptable.

3.   You are not an artists. You are just an entertainer. Sure go for it. Jared Leto that one is for you.

4.   You are Scott Stapp... Of course i would suggest suicide, but barring that. 

5.   You are recording your girlfriend and you'd like to get laid tonight. Seriously.

So there you have it.  The ONLY reasons acceptable for usig auto-tune.

     Remember the voice IS NOT A KEYBOARD.  It is meant to have pitch fluctuations.
If you really love a performance and there are a few minor pitch issues, that's what reverb, chorus and other effects are for...

Have fun...

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