Friday, February 11, 2011

First Album Release: Part 1 of 10

Part 1.  Duplication or Replication?

     The whole point of this series of articles is to help indie musicians take the leap into self producing their own professional product.  Fuck the labels. They ARE NOT an option.
The promoters out there keep that myth alive so that they can charge you to play at their clubs.

     "How else are we supposed to be seen by A&R executives if we don't give the WHISKY,ROXY,VIPER ROOM,HOUSE OF BLUES, $800.00 to play with a bunch of other no-name bands?  If you really believe that A&R execs. from sony or universal are trolling around the strip drooling over the pay-to-play deserve your status.

     So if you are a realist and a dreamer. If you are willing to do the work. If you won't stop until your satisfied. If satisfaction means a dream realized, then this is the blog for you.   So for this first part of ten articles we will be dealing with a major decision that anyone who's gone the indie label route alone has had to face. 


First let's start off with a quick backround: This video is courtesy of

      Simple enough right?  Wrong.   It would seem from hearing the description of the process that it's just a matter of scale, and the replication process makes the large scale production of discs economically feasible...

                             Heavy Metal Vixen Tiana Weaver

     Done looking yet...?

     Alas, no. First point is no one in any market outside of the united states can play your discs with any level of dependability. CD-R's are not compatible with the format of some of the foreign players.   This is especially true in Japan a major indie music market.  Two, NO DISTRIBUTOR WILL TOUCH YOUR RELEASE.  You are dead on arrival... D.O.A.  Three, you obviously don't care enough about quality so i am going to assume the rest of the disc qualities are going to be of the same standards.


     Duplication is good for one thing only.   SAMPLERS.  If you are going to make press kits or cd's to give away at shows, then the duplication route is for you.  If you are selling cd's you MUST REPLICATE. It costs no more to replicate your cd's.  If you are printing 500 or more which is what you should be doing.   Taking advantage off the economy of scale you will appear professional in the eyes of distributors, and more importantly potential customers.

ALL HRX RECORDS are glass mastered and then replicated.  If you are serious about your career then yours should be as well... Till next Time.  JM

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