Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Move or Not to Move...Wrong Question.

     This one is for my hometown of Utica NY.  Every young musician that was born and raised in a smallish city has the same thought.  "I need to go to Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville to make it big. I'm not talking about microcosmic places like clayville NY, or Monowi NE.  I'm talking about small to medium sized hubs like Springfield MA, Buffalo NY, Reno NV, Tampa FL, Portland OR ect. 

     The allure of a big city is all too familiar to me. I moved to Los Angeles on a Greyhound bus when i was nineteen years old. I had a guitar, my compositions and $50 in my pocket.  Though i have had an amazing life so far... (a book is in the works stay tuned) there are a few things that give me pause.  Hindsight being twenty-twenty and all i have thought through the nearly endless possibilities that the NEW WORLD has given us.

Superfluous semi-nude model break. Elena Bathory 

     What was i saying; oh: anyway, the point is with the advent of the "www" you have access to the same contacts and information you could once only get by locating yourself in the heart of a major city.  You can do it all from bum-fuck-egypt nebraska.   If you are looking to make a living playing in live bands, then yes you need to relocate to a major music center...but if you just want to release your own music. Build a following with your own compositions. You can now do this in the confines of your own little studio. 

     Bottom line: If you have a self contained product stay put.  Stay small until you can expand on your own terms.   If you can't find what your looking for, or can't produce where you are. Leave.

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  1. Springsteen used to say, about being discovered, "You have to at least get on the turnpike." I supposed it makes some sense that the turnpike has become the information superhighway.

  2. Yeah I think that chick has turned me onto girls...whens this book coming out?

  3. LOL....we can post that pic too... The book is in the manuscript stage...


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