Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Blues

     Trolling craigslist can be a lot of fun, but today is not such a day... Today is a day for those fortunate/unfortunate musicians who do not have significant others to go out and talk to everyone you meet.   Use this wretched holiday as an excuse to flex your networking muscle.

1. Take fifty of your promo/business cards and go out to the most populated area in your city.

2. Talk to everyone you meet.  I mean EVERYONE, homeless and prostitutes included.

3. Smoothly work in what you do into the conversation.

4. For every person interested in what you are saying hand them a card. Tell them you have a

(party, show, orgy, anything make it up...if anyone calls you host the damn get-together)


In your face gorilla marketing...

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Joseph Michael

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